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Disaster in New York Harbor

June 15, 1904, a day meant for sunshine and picnics, is the date of one of the most senseless disasters in maritime history.

With almost 1,400 people on board, most of them women and children, a fire broke out on a paddlewheel steamboat.

At least some of them might have been saved, but for useless fire-fighting equipment and the refusal of the boat's captain to put to shore to allow passengers to escape. Though it was never far from shore, a thousand lost their lives during the half-hour ordeal.

Read about how this terrible disaster which claimed more than a thousand lives occurred, and how those who were responsible never saw justice in Disaster in New York Harbor.

21 = Black Jack but...
Wild Bill Hickock's poker hand when he was shot.
Aces and 8s are the Dead Man's Hand

Disorder in the Court

"Heaven knows insanity was disreputable enough, long ago; but now that the lawyers have got to cutting every gallows rope and picking every prison lock with it, it is become a sneaking villainy that ought to hang and keep on hanging its sudden possessors until evil-doers should conclude that the safest plan was to never claim to have it until they came by it legitimately. The very calibre of the people the lawyers most frequently try to save by the insanity subterfuge ought to laugh the plea out of the courts, one would think." ~ Mark Twain: Unburlesquable Things, The Galaxy Magazine, July 1870

Courtroom Quotations
Lawyer: "Was that the same nose you broke as a child?"
Witness: "I only have one, you know."

Lawyer Jokes etcetera

The Jailhouse Lawyers' Favorite Quotations from the Supreme Court
A thoughtful collection of quotes from the U.S. Supreme Court regarding our most precious liberties. Link to a virtual tour of the Supreme Court.

My Lawyer's OK -- Lawyer Quotes

Victims or Perpetrators?
Many outstanding cases link celebrities together forever in the public mind as being members of the "Get Away With Murder Club." Whether convicted, found liable in civil court, unresolved, or exonerated, these famous people will always be remembered with a tinge of doubt staining their reputations:
O.J. Simpson: The glove didn't fit, but they got another writ, and another Judge found him liable...
Chandra Levy: Who really killed the "Other Woman"?
Gary Condit: Even if he didn't kill Chandra Levy, his career was devastated.
Robert Blake: Out for dinner or out for murder? Status: out on bail.
Ted Kennedy: He's put the ghost of Mary Jo Kopechne far behind him -- but the search for the truth still haunts some.
The Clintons: Was Vince Foster's death really suicide? TV-detective Columbo doesn't think so, just read this and see for yourself.

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