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Cat's Book Review Blog

Donald Trump Inspired Jokes, Words, Etc
by Jack Mike

This Is A Book About Donald Trump

Today is election day morning, but I'm intend to give this title an apolitical review. This isn't a controversial book, but is rather, in my view, an homage that children one day might read for a little info on Donald J. Trump. The author clearly admires the man, and has delivered a respectful, if not completely ground-breaking account.

The book includes a lot of photographic content that didn't include any shockers, memes, or humorous pix. Though the author said that he gathered them from the internet, he clearly avoided Reddit, Twitter, and other sites' treasure trove of controversial photos. He didn't credit his sources, though, which is a no-one.

The next section of the book, "Some Donald Trump Favorite Words And Phrases," gave me the reason for awarding it only two stars. On these thirty pages, the author has written only a single catchphrase or more often, only a single word. Many readers look at the page count before purchasing a book, so including so little on each page, without any context or interpretation, is misleading. I suggest that future editions include more content, or only a list instead.

The final part of the book was a small collection of DJT-inspired humor. It's amusing and innocuous, but not very original. In summary, as a resource for very limited information on President Trump, this is a safe book to allow children to read.

If this were a report from an elementary grade student, if I were strict, I'd make the student do it again after suggesting that they include at least a couple of facts, like his birth date and a bit of personal history. With those changes, I would probably award it a "B" for effort, despite believing that most of the content was cribbed, because it would have been written by a young child. But, since the book isn't written by a third grade student... I give it a "D," or two stars.