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Kitty Litter Cake

Mmmmm -- yummy! This confection gets filed with the Worms in Dirt recipe in my recipe box. Go to the website for ingredients and directions, and most (worst) of all -- a picture of the finished creation.

Ingredients: cake mixes, vanilla wafers, vanilla pudding, green food coloring, Tootsie Rolls and/or Oh Henry chocolate bar minis; and a kitty litter pan and litter scoop for serving the cake. Method -- easy!

Enjoy -- if you can stomach it! The website owner says she couldn't bring herself to eat it when a co-worker brought it in for a treat. I think it sounds...interesting, and if I can eat tuna-noodle casserole, I'd probably be willing to eat this if that's all there was for dessert. You can see it at her web page.

PS: For Worms in Dirt, you put chocolate pudding on a paper plate, insert Gummi worms so they appear to be coming out of the ground, and cover the whole thing with crumbled Oreo cookies so it looks nice and dirty. For authenticity, make your kids eat it without using their hands. -- Editor

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Don't Drink the Water

Doesn't this sound like just the thing to wash down a piece of Kitty Litter Cake?

"Millions of people in Manila have been drinking super-chlorinated water this week as the body of a teenager remained stubbornly stuck in a major supply pipe," Reuters reports from the Philippine capital. -- This story was found at Yahoo.

Before It's News | People Powered News

Before It's News | People Powered News

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