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Symbolism, ©Robin Wood 1997. Used with Permission

A model of generosity as well as brimming over with talent, Robin Wood is not only generous with her art -- which explores territory from realism to the far reaches of fantasy -- she also offers tutorials at her site. If you are a fan of the Dragonriders of Pern series by Anne McCaffrey, you must check out her online gallery. A portion of the chalice in Robin Wood's piece, "Symbolism" forms part of this section's title collage. Thanks again, Robin!

Trippy, visionary, custom art. Check out this close-up of Nemo's vision of the Cheshire Cat, inspired by a Northwest Native American artwork as well as the immortal cat from the Lewis Carroll classic, depicted as a dreamy, "trippy" spirit guide:

See The Cheshire Cat by Nemo
The painting and the story.
To enlarged image at the website
Big Bang Tango

"Science and art share a common mandate -- to find surprise in the ordinary by seeing it from an unexpected point of view." ~ Howard Bloom
Street animation is revolutionary in the same sense that the garage band sound revolutionized the music industry. Using the technology that is available to ordinary people -- in other words, cheap -- Howard Bloom's Media Lab aims "to save and change humanity by changing the way it sees, giving it a sense of meaning."


Erich Mangl Gallery

Wonderful and unusual photographs and computer-generated images to be seen at this site, many pix great for your wallpaper art.

The Montage Art of Winston Smith


"Smith's collages are works of great beauty and space, and more than a little psychedelic. Sometimes one can almost see them move." -- Jello Biafra

Image above is an example of Smith's work. For more, see his website.


The Guerilla Girls

Funny and right-on-target posters from a group that has supported feminist causes since 1985.

World War II:  Art in Berlin
A hands-on photomontage pioneer who weathered the stormy inferno of artistic expression before and during WWII: Hannah Höch was a Dadaist artist who specialized in the photomontage. She was a member of the Berlin Novembergruppe, and remained in Germany during World War II, She continued to work until she died in 1978, and though post-war her popularity had waned, her works are part of many important collections.

Cedar Woman's Creations

The Gathering of the Fellowship 2003

Tolkein-Inspired Fan Art Competition

A Long Expected Party: J.R.R. Tolkein fans will gather in celebration in Toronto in December 2003, and original fan-art will be displayed. Art will be judged by panel, with final judgment by fans attending the Grand Event. Prizes will be awarded in different categories. Rules for submissions are listed at the website. See what's been submitted so far at The Gallery of Imladris.


Back in the 70s and 80s I used to spend many a Sunday morning brunch at a little restaurant called Charlie's Frog Pond. Decorating the walls were, of course, frogs of all varieties and media. But even more outstanding to the eye were the many paintings of Ramon Santiago.
A native of Rochester, New York, the artist's volume of works are evocative of legends like Beardsley and Picasso. His women have a feral quality about them, often scarred with animal claws which have long been his trademark. His recent works, portraits, still lifes and flowers, also include new treatments of harlequins and clowns which are mysterious and frightening.
Santiago says, "My paintings are what dreams are made of." His dreams must sometimes be very uneasy.


Vivid, dreamy multimedia images. Internationally flavored, the artist speaks the language of war and peace and the human condition.

Cybermontage: The Ultimate Mixed Media
JFK and Marilyn: Together at Last
Art Along the Path of Life

About Cybermontage
Like the mixed-media technique of collage, clipped and sculpted images are manipulated and compiled using the computer technique we call 'cybermontage'.
Computer paint techniques are used to further tweak the assembled images until the piece becomes a unified whole with a message unique from its sources.

1000 Corpses and Other Horrors
1000 Corpses and Other Horrors

"Not what man knows but what man feels, concerns art. All else is science." ~ Bernard Berenson, 1897
The Web Gallery of Art is an excellent resource for reproductions of of European paintings and sculptures created between the years 1150 and 1800. A search engine allows you to find pictures as well as biographies of artists.The Gallery also has virtual tours to help the browser to understand the artistic and historical relationships of artworks and artists in the collection.

Now in the Gallery
Fae by Moonlight
Fae by Moonlight

Free Screen Savers and Greeting Card Graphics
Free Web Use Policy: 2nd Sight's original art can be used not-for-profit as screensavers or greeting cards. Original art and articles can also be shared via the web providing that copyright credit is given to 2nd Sight, with a link back to 2nd Sight Magazine and you have sent an  E-mail the Editor for info and approval. See our page at Webshots to send pix on this page and many more as e-greeting cards, or download their free screensaver program. 2nd Sight has no control over any of Webshots' services and does not endorse any ads you see at their (or this) site. 2nd Sight retains all copyrights on any original graphic or written content owned by 2nd Sight.

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