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The Doctor Cures, Nature Heals
Sound Mind, Body, and Spirit

December 2014
Body & Soul

The Classic Christmas Tree
With Gifts Piled High Beneath

Joy to the World!


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Inspiration, motivation, depression, pain, and grief support: intuitive counseling and dream interpretation.

Say a prayer, send wishes of hope for a loved one.
Use the forum to write a message of hope.
Light a candle for the living or those beyond the veil.

Whether they are in this world, or beyond the veil, you can light a virtual candle by writing a few words for a loved one in the forum. Write a prayer of remembrance or wishes of hope for your loved ones.
The Fellowship of Earth, Moon, and Sky
The Fellowship of Earth Moon and Sky
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Health and Wellness: Check this section regularly with more articles, tips, and inspiration for healing yourself and developing a healthy outlook on life! Plus, check out spells, rituals, and tips for using the moon and stars to help energize your efforts!

The Fellowship of Earth Moon and Sky is an on-line community at Yahoo! groups which offers an outlet for solitary seekers of spiritual enlightenment and peace of mind.
Visitors to the Earth Moon and Sky group website are welcome to join and browse the daily meditations, calendar, and archive of articles on on health and healing, alternative spirituality, philosophy, science, and other topics of interest.

The Body & Soul section of 2nd Sight Magazine explores the interrelatedness of science and spirit, the mechanisms behind the workings of the inner self. No one exists in a vacuum. We influence our environment and the environment influences us.  Scientific inquiry and spiritual development reveal the yin and yang at work in our lives, the symbiosis of the physical world with the spiritual, and how we can use this new awareness to reach our personal goals.

Awareness is the first, critical step to enlightenment.

Included on these pages are articles and ideas explored at the Fellowship of Earth Moon and Sky Yahoo! Forum.

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