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Is There One True Religion?

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"You speak to me of faith and the church you attend. The most important faith will be the way you feel about it within you. Don't ever let anyone tell you that it is too unsophisticated to think about such things. For it is the very basis on which you draw your breath. Without faith there's no hope."  ~ from THINK on THESE THINGS by Joyce Sequichie Hifler

The Birch Tree, the first tree to grow on bare soil, will begin its rule on December 24th through January 21st, as the rebirth of the forest begins. The Birch moon is feminine, and rules inceptions and beginnings.
Originally, the tree calendar began at Samhain to coincide with with the beginning of the Celtic New Year, but in modern Celtic Wicca, the tree calendar begins with the Birch moon, the moon closest to Yule. Although it is disputed whether the tree calendar was used at all by the ancient Celts, Yule is the only fixed date in the tree calendar known to have been observed by them. The tree calendar is based on the symbolism used in ancient Welsh and Irish poetry containing calendrical themes as interpreted by the scholar Robert Graves.  -- Hob's Green

Mary Magdalene

Was Mary Magdalene a penitent prostitute, devoted disciple, or the love interest of Jesus?  While popular culture has portrayed her as all three, Mary Magdalene's true identity is the subject of much speculation and discussion. Mary Alice Williams talks with scholars about Mary Magdalene's role in the Christian Church, including evidence that she was both an apostle and a leader in the Church after the Resurrection. Karen King, a professor of ecclesiastical history at Harvard Divinity School who has written a book about Mary Magdalene based on the ancient Gnostic text, "The Gospel of Mary," observes, "Mary Magdalene is important, I think, to women of all faiths because it tells women that they, too, have a history -- and a history that places them at the center of their own traditions." -- Religion and Ethics Newsweekly

On Finding Approval

From the time we are infants, we learn to seek the approval of those we look up to. It's no different in spiritual matters: whether we are Christian or Pagan, we still seek approval of what we believe, of the way we practice our faith, even of the way we speak, or dress, or of what we possess. Because of lack of acceptance, Pagans face special problems -- read some thoughts on this in the article, On Finding Approval.

"The Lord and Lady have many names.  The Lady is known as Diana, Aradia, Frau Venus, and Holda.  The Lord is known as Herne, Cernunnos, and Pan. These names are, however, only the beginning. The realities of the divine are too complex to be contained in a single image or a single identity." -- Tony & Aileen Grist, The Illustrated Guide to Wicca

Concepts: Christianity vs. Wicca

If you were raised a Christian, you may feel torn when you wish to become Pagan because you want to keep some valued Christian traditions -- don't worry! The Roman Catholic Church was very clever about adapting ancient Pagan festivals and traditions to Christianity and you may be surprised to learn that you've actually been celebrating Pagan-style for a long time.

Neo-paganism is all about embracing the long history of human interactions with their gods, and adapting observances and practices from ancient times to our modern lives. Paganism embraces a myriad of spiritual traditions, and progress has allowed us to recognize that there is no one right path.

However, each tradition has some important tenets which make them exclusive from others. Though Pagans, in general, are tolerant of others' religious beliefs; Pagans, as individuals or united groups, may not be any more tolerant than a Christian or any other fundamentalist.

Many Asatruar, for example, would be very offended by the idea of someone calling himself or herself Asatruar if they aren't 100% faithful to Asatru traditions. Similarly, many Christians are completely antagonistic towards anyone who believes in any other God than theirs.  -- Editor 

The Divine Spirit

  • Christian: The Divine Spirit is separate from the world, and separate from the spirit, although it may fill its believers.
  • Neo-Pagan: The Divine Spirit is a part of the world and the world is a part of the spirit. There is no firm definition between the spirit world and the material world.

Male vs Female

  • Christian: The Divine Spirit is male, though some traditions allow that women may be Holy or Sanctified. Females are weaker and subjugated to males, and become holy or sanctified only through the male.
  • Neo-Pagan: The Divine Spirit may be male, female, and both at once. The feminine aspects of God and humanity are strong and equal to the male.


  • Christian: You were born a sinner and must accept that Jesus Christ died for your sins in order to be forgiven and be made clean.
  • Neo-Pagan: There is no original sin, but you must not do wrong to others or you will have to make retribution for it in this life or the next; some believe that what you do comes back to you three times greater.


  • Christian: Some traditions say that when a person dies they remain in limbo, or in purgatory, until the Last Judgment, while others believe that your fate is decided as soon as you die. If you are "saved" by your acceptance of Jesus Christ, you will be spiritually resurrected into Heaven where your soul will stay eternally with God, the angels, and all the rest of the saved. If you aren't saved, you'll be sent to Hell, where you'll live in eternal torment with Satan, his demons, and all the rest of the damned.
  • Neo-Pagan: After death, your soul may linger for a while on earth to watch over your loved ones; you may go beyond the veil to your tradition's version of Heaven (the Summerland, Valhalla, etc.); or you may return, reincarnated, into a new fleshly body to continue perfecting your understanding of the Divine.

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"But one should pray in one's heart during a sacred ceremony; this is the purpose of the ceremony, to purify the participants both inside and outside." ~ Thomas Yellowtail, CROW, -- Elder's Meditation of the Day

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The Many Faces of God


Is There One True Religion?
If you study the religious and secular holidays of all faiths and countries, you will find strong relationships between them and the changing seasons.  Sometimes it is because they have evolved over time from one celebration into another, changed by changing cultural or geographical priorities or other more drastic events such as political conquest or the state's domination of the peoples' religious rights.
In the latter cases, there may be no trace of the earlier holiday traditions, symbolism, or rituals.  Or there may be a kind of fusion where virtually the same celebration takes place but the symbolism is changed to reflect the values of the governing body.
Studies have shown that faith -- any religious faith -- helps people to heal and maintain physical and emotional health in the face of the worst adversities.  In order to live together in this shrinking world of ours, it is vital that we find what we have in common and emphasize those things, and to overcome our fear of differences.
"We need to sacrifice our time and do what is our mission - to help the people and be of maximum use to the Creator. Every person is needed to accomplish this great Healing." ~ White Bison

These words about "our mission" are such a beautiful summary of what I believe is the underlying meaning of life. Even Atheists I have known who use this principle to guide their actions seem full of spiritual well-being. I believe whole-heartedly that you can be living a life pleasing to the Creator whether you believe in the existence of a Creator or not! Even when my beliefs have wavered and evolved, my trust that we aren't on this planet to satisfy only our own desires -- a goal which can be very unsatisfying in the long run -- has remained constant. -- Editor
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What is Wicca?

There are so many incorrect 'facts' being published in the media, that it can be difficult for anyone interested to get a straight answer. This one page can't explain everything, so be prepared to do more research. But this should clear up the most common misconceptions.

Wiccan or Witch? One of the biggest sore points among Wiccans is the improper usage of the terms "Wiccan" and "Witch". Too many people use the terms interchangably, presuming that they both mean the same thing. They do not.
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Harm None: It's only 2 words: Harm None. But this statement is often debated among Pagans and Wiccans as people decide how they interpret it.What is the Wiccan Rede? Is it possible to have a religion that is only bound by one rule? A simple idea can have deeply reaching consequences, depending on your interpretation.

Pagan Religions: There are other kinds of Paganism besides Wicca.
Gods & Goddesses: One of the joys of being Pagan is the wide spectrum of pantheons and deities to chose from. Not all Gods or Goddesses are the same. Do your research before calling on any of them.
Animals in Paganism: Animals play a big role in Witchcraft and other Pagan paths, whether they are furry, feathered or finned.

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