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Pagans and War
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"Stand up for what is right, even if you are standing alone." ~ Unknown

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." ~ Margaret Mead

Iran's Struggle for Reform

More than 60 members of Iran 's Parliament began a sit-in last week to protest the banning of 3,000 potential candidates from next month's election. In one of its most serious political battles in its 25-year history, the confrontation reflects the ongoing struggle between reformers who want a more open society, and the ruling conservatives who preach an Islamic vision of order and security.

Ayatollah Khomeini proclaimed Iran 's current governmental structure in a radio broadcast on April 1, 1979 at 3 pm. A horoscope drawn for this moment (at Tehran ) shows remarkable consistency with the historical record. With imperial Leo Rising, the Sun becomes the chart's ruling planet, and is found on the cusp of the Ninth House of religion. The Sun, representing the nation's leadership, opposes Pluto, the planet that insists on reforms.

The Moon (symbolizing the people) is in restless, informed Gemini, but is repressed by a challenging square from authoritarian Saturn. The last time Iran experienced a serious uprising was in mid-July 2000 when transiting Pluto opposed this Moon and squared Saturn. The current showdown has a parallel astrological development (progressed Ascendant is conjunct Saturn, square Moon).

Uranus in the Fourth House describes chronic, domestic turmoil. The February 20 election takes place when the New Moon is conjunct Uranus, and promises to be filled with dynamic, perhaps shocking surprises. We can expect that this is only the beginning of major upheaval since Uranus goes on to form a precise square to the Moon when it turns retrograde on June 10. The current government is in a closure phase (progressed New Moon), and must compromise and reform or give up power.

This horoscope supercedes the February 1, 1979 horoscope in its accuracy. The February 1 chart might refer to an important  Islamic revolution while the April 1 chart specifically describes the Islamic Republic of Iran. Readers who have decent astrology software might want to check out how well this horoscope works. Here's a look at key transits (T), secondary (P2), and tertiary progressions (P3) during a few of Iran 's historical turning points:

September 23, 1980 - Iraq invades Iran
T (VE squ ) cnj ASC
P2 MO squ MA
P2 MA cnj ME
P2 ME cnj MA
P3 MA cnj SU
P3 MO squ UR

June 3, 1989 - Ayatollah Khomeini dies, and the next day President Khameni is appointed new supreme leader.
T NE squ SU
MC opp UR
P3 JU tri NE, squ UR
P3 UR squ AS
P3 AS opp MO
P3 MC squ NE

May 23, 1997 - Reformer Mohammad Khatami wins presidential election by a landslide with 70 percent of the vote to beat the conservative ruling elite.
T SA tri AS
T MA squ NE
P2 VE cnj MA
P2 SU squ JU
P2 MC sxt JU
P3 SU opp MO, squ SA
P3 MO opp PL
P3 AS cnj SU

July 6-13, 1999 - Student protests following closing of newspaper lead to rioting and arrests of thousands.
T PL opp MO, squ SA
P2 MA cnj SU
P2 AS opp VE, ruler MC
P3 SU squ PL
Ceres cnj SU
P3 MA opp Ceres

-- excerpted from NewsScope for January 20, 2004 by Michael WolfStar at StarIQ 

Be Prepared for Terrorism or War

Whether you are for the war or against it, you should at least be fully informed about the issues. In recent weeks, everyone with the financial means has established a new website to put forth their views. But as with anything on the internet, do your research. Just because something is in print, doesn't make it valid or true.

No one wants war, but even without that conflict, the world is under threat from terrorist actions. The U.S. Homeland Security agency released a new website dedicated to helping people prepare for attacks. So visit: and get prepared.

Talk to your elders who lived through the first wars and ask them what it was like to live through those conflicts. What they had to do to survive at home, how they prepared, and what they learned. For instance, my elders keep telling everyone to learn how to can vegetables. Something that would be interesting to learn regardless of terrorist threats. ~ Springwolf, The Pagan's Path

Patriotic Pagans Banner


Patriotic Pagans

Despite differing opinions on war and faith, religious communities are rallying world-wide to support their military personnel who need and deserve the spiritual support of their communities at home. Pagans from many paths and places serve in the US military and are currently among those being deployed. In response to this, Circle Sanctuary is making available a Military Pagan prayer site which has a specially-designed graphic message and cards available for Pagans, especially for those on active duty. Pass this on. -- Thanks to Austin Pagans.

Pagans and War

"What about the Rede, you ask? The Wiccan Rede states "Harm None" -- wouldn't that apply to warfare? Don't forget that not all Pagans are Wiccan, and therefore not everyone follows the Rede. Even those Wiccans who do, may translate its meaning differently from others."

What is the Pagan position on war? Well, we don't all have the same attitudes towards any issues, and this is no different. Some are for, some are against.'s Pagan/Wiccan Guide, Terri Paajanen, shares her thoughts, and some other Pagan viewpoints too.

What Did We Learn From the '60s?

Modern-day protests draw a great deal from the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s, but 21st century protesters have something new: technology. Read how lunch-counter protest tactics and the advent of the Internet make for a potent combination.

The Day the Pagans Died

* Sung to the tune of Don McLean's American Pie *

A long, long time ago, I can still remember
How the pagans used to help us smile
And I knew if I beat my drum, All the folks be glad to come
And maybe they'd be happy for a while

But now these Christians have us hurting,
All the pagans they're converting
No one's at the solstice, They're in the towns at Christmas
They don't remember Odin's tales, They memorize their Gospels
The goddess will remember well, The day her pagans died

They were singin' bye bye To the trees and the sky
Forget our holy circles We will worship inside
The village priestess Had to sneak off and hide
Singin' this 'll be the day that I die

And I met a bard of pagan tunes, I asked her to draw down the moon
But she just smiled and turned away
And I went out to a sacred grove, To try and find someone I'd know
But not a word was spoken, The holy stones were broken
And the tri-gods I admired the most,
The Huntsman, Goddess, and their host
Lived in secret down the coast, The day the pagans died.

--  Unknown, Courtesy Sweet Leaf as posted to Pagan Connections TX

10 Ways to Deal With War

Suspicion, backlash, anger, fear. Many marginalized groups -- Arab Americans, Muslims, peace activists -- will feel these emotions in the coming days. What can you do? Here are 10 things you can do to heal or avoid rifts during this time of war:

1. Speak up: Don't allow stereotypes and narrow-minded comments to go unchecked.

2. Educate yourself: Read about Iraq. Keep up with the news.

3. Be active: Join a group or a cause that you support.

4. Find help: If you are being harassed or threatened, find help through a human rights or civil rights organization in your community.

5. Offer support: In turn, if others are being targeted, offer support to the victims in whatever way you can.

6. Listen: Keep and open mind and listen with empathy to the people on "the other side" of issues.

7. Explore your own biases: Own your biases, and vow to work to lessen them.

8. Mix It Up: Create an environment for supporters from different sides to discuss their differences and their commonalities and keep it safe.

9. Be kind: Kindness has enormous power in times of war. Disagree, but do so humanely.

10: Catch your breath: Stress overtakes many people in times of crisis.

Take a Hidden Bias Test, and find out how your own biases affect the way you view the world, in times of war or peace.

-- Edited from the article at

Homeland Insecurity: Intolerance in a Time of War

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