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EMAS: The Tree of Life
"Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind." ~ Albert Einstein
"We are one species. We are starstuff." ~ Carl Sagan
EMAS: The Tree of Life

Saying The Rosary

Catholics have used rosary beads to help keep count of their prayers for nearly a millennium. The set of prayers and meditations was standardized for the entire Church in 1569, and the rosary is divided into a series of repetitive prayers and reflections on Jesus' life, known as the mysteries. While use of the rosary has diminished in recent years in this country, many Catholics say it's still part of their practice. Harriet Noye of Wheaton, Maryland, describes this devotional practice and what it means to her life. Noye observes, "When I pray the rosary, I like to think about the word "rosary."  Rosary means rose garden ... a very special rose garden -- the Immaculate Heart of Mary. You retreat from the tensions and stress and anxiety and any problems that you have and put yourself in her Immaculate Heart."  (Rebroadcast from October 18, 2002)

Ritual to Overcome Addiction
Items needed:

Write your addiction on a piece of paper, then mark through it with a heavy black liner. Put it aside. Inscribe the candle with your name. Light the candle and say:

Healing Ancients, I ask of Thee
Take this pain away from me.
Remove any trace of this addiction,
And heal me of all related afflictions.

Hold the hematite to your forehead and say:

Grand courage now and healing power
Strengthen my will hour by hour.

Place this stone on the night side of the candle. Lift the chrysoprase to your forehead and say:

Stone of joy and happiness
Put my urges now to rest.

Place the stone on the left side of the candle. Hold the orange calcite or quartz to your forehead and say:

Amplifier of energies
Magnify their powers, please

Place this stone in front of the candle. Stand in front of the altar and turn your hands palms up. Say:

Powers of the Earth unite
Bind the powers of this addiction tight
So it will have no hold on me
As I will, so mote it be!

Take the paper in your hands and say:

Chains that bind me, now break free
I am power, strength, and resiliency
I have the courage to overcome
This addiction - go now - run!
Be gone from me!
Do not return!
Your power over me, I burn!

Light the paper with a match or lighter, then burn it in the fireproof dish, saying:

By flame of Fire, I'm purified
Of your delusionary lies.
I'm free of you and all the strife
That you once cast upon my life.
I am healed now, I am free.
As I will, so mote it be!

Watch the candle, clearing and cleansing yourself of negative energies, until the candle has completely burned out. Carry the stones with you in a cloth pouch, or loose to use as "worry-stones." Cleanse your crystals regularly and repeat the ritual as often as needed to gain control over the problem.

-- Edited and excerpted from the spell posted to Magic Light's Faerie_Lane

Spell of the Comb and Mirror

Purify area, cast circle, etc. Burn a white candle for yourself, and say:

"O Lady of shimmering beauty,
For whom the stars are shining jewels
And the Universe Her creation and plaything,
Weaver of destinies and Protectress of things wild and free
Make me now, I do ask, to be thy daughter
Make me one with thee and grant me thy far-flung power
Grant to this, thy Witch and Sorceress
Strength within and without.
As eternal as the boundless sea,
The calm assurance of my powers
To make any do my bidding,
And the winds, waters, and fires,
The hills themselves lend willingly themselves to me.
Give to me, who am of thy ancient Craft
The wisdom of ages, the lore of eons,
Knowledge of light, knowledge of dark.
Grant me beauty ever more perfect
That I may reflect thee better.
Build magic within me, build power within me.
Power be drawn and power come.
And make me one with thee.
Make me greater, make me better
Grant me strength and grant me power.
O Goddess who is my friend and mother,
I give you love and thanks
O Beautiful One, may the magick I have summoned
Return the stronger when I have need of it
So mote it be!"
-- Steve Swartz

As posted in Magic Light's Faerie Lane

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Health and Wellness: Check this section regularly with more articles, tips, and inspiration for healing yourself and developing a healthy outlook on life! Plus, check out spells, rituals, and tips for using the moon and stars to help energize your efforts!

Spells are just rituals you perform to accomplish a specific goal. You can make up your own, or try some of the ones here. Feel free to improvise too.
Magickal Correspondences: The first step in creating your own rituals, spells or charms, is knowing what items correspond to what attributes.
Banishing Spells: Sometimes you need to get rid of things in your life, such as negative influences, bad habits or damaging relationships. Once you've made the decision to free yourself, you could use these spells.
When Your Spells Don't Work: Spells and magick do work. Unfortunately, many folks then go on to assume that also means spells work exactly how we want them every single time. They don't.
Wicca and Paganism Glossary, Wicca 101 - See World Religions

Love Magick
Love spells and charms are a universal phenomenon. Looking for magical assistance in making a love connection -- no matter how icky, sticky, or even toxic -- is as old as mankind.'s Alternative Religion guide offers this resource.

Broken Bones Healing Spell

Try writing this on a paper and folding it as an envelope to contain a mixture of herbs and oils. Burn this in a fire so that the cleansing action releases the spell. Burn appropriate incense. If this is not possible or you are asthmatic, use an oil burner with appropriate oils, and visualizing the person well chant:

Herbs of healing on you I call,

Heal the bones of XXX from their fall,

Grant release from pain, and ease the soul,

Seal this spell and make them whole.

-- By Bella, as posted to the Children of Artemis' Spell of the Day

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