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Sun in Scorpio

The Scorpion: October 23 - November 21

  • The Sun enters Scorpio on 23 October at 10:04 PM CST

  • The Warrior

  • Planetary Rulers: Mars and Pluto

  • Element: Water

  • Yin, or Feminine Sign

  • Physical Correspondence: Sexuality, Virility, Nubility

  • Rules the 8th House; a Fixed Sign

  • Number: 9

  • Colors: Deep reds, black, brown

  • Day: Tuesday

  • Flowers and Herbs: Sweet basil, purple heather, honeysuckle

  • Tree: Holly, walnut or blackthorn

  • Metal: Iron and Plutonium

  • Gemstones: Topaz, Ruby, Jet

  • Tarot - Minor Arcana: 9 of Cups; Major Arcana: Death or Judgment

  • Animals: Scorpion, Eagle, Vulture, Wolf, Panther

  • Elementals: Nymphs, Tritons, Mermaids, Undine, Sirens

  • Gods/Goddesses: Tiw, Cernunnos, Horus, Mars, Ares, Hades, Ketu or Hela, Sekhmet, Artemis, Diana, Medusa, Kali, Chicomecoatl

 VIII. Scorpio "And, longer grown, the heavier scale inclines, And draws bright Scorpio from the winter signs."

"We now behold the gates of Paradise guarded by the FLAMING SWORD SCORPIO which points to the four quarters of the world. This sword is, according to Genesis, "to guard the way of the tree of life," and such, esoterically, it really is.

Scorpio is the warrior sign in the zodiac. This sign controls the progress of the human race. Here all of mankind's achievements are focused and preserved for all time. Help the rest of us find our way and share your insight with others.

Scorpio the Scorpion is a Water Sign. Here is the sign of bold enterprise, a fearless nature guided by self control and confidence but geared for action when the time demands." Xtra Astrology

Additional Sources:  Astrology Pracitioner Course, and Toni

Sopdet and the Perseids
We are in the middle of the 2006 Perseid Meteor Showers, which are considered by many skywatchers to be the highlight of meteor lightshows.  The Perseids, named after the constellation Perseus, are in play from about July 15 through August 25 but will be providing the biggest show this weekend, being at their peak from the evening of August 12 through August 13.  

The Egyptian Queen of the Constellations, Sopdet (also known as Nut) had her feast day this week on August 8. Sopdet is honored during the dog days as she lives in Sirius, the dog star, which is at its peak in midsummer. On the night of August 7th, we had just arrived home from a trip and as we were walking to the house from our car, I noticed a shooting star in the night sky between our house and the neighbors'.  

The next day I learned that these shooting stars are said to be messages to seekers from Sopdet. If you have a question about your destiny, goddess expert Patricia Telesco says that you should ask Sopdet and then watch the skies for your answer. A shooting star on your right side is a positive omen meaning better days are ahead. If you see one to your left, this indicates the need for caution. A shooting star straight ahead means things will continue on an even keel for now.  Making a wish, however, and seeing any shooting star means Sopdet has received and acknowledged your wish.
~ Excerpted from The Paranormal Insider by Zsuzsana    

Star Map of the Constellations

Star Date Online

- from UT's McDonald Observatory

October 19 - A pair of astronomical markers of the summer season are still in view. As twilight begins to fade, look toward the southwest for the sinuous outline of Scorpius, the scorpion, with teapot-shaped Sagittarius to its upper left.

October 20 - The Orionid meteor shower should be at its best the next couple of nights. The Moon sets by around midnight, so it won’t pollute the sky with light during the peak meteor-watching hours.

October 21 - The Moon is at first quarter tonight, which means it is one-quarter of the way through its month-long cycle of phases. Sunlight illuminates half of the lunar hemisphere that faces Earth.

October 22 - The Moon is a world in its own right, marked by impressive surface features. For example, the gray patch that forms the right eye of the “man in the moon” is a volcanic plain called Mare Imbrium. It is bigger than Germany.

October 23 - Two side-by-side star clusters are in good view on autumn evenings. Collectively, they are called the Double Cluster [in the Perseus constellation]. They look like two faint, fuzzy stars near one tip of W-shaped Cassiopeia, which is well up in the northeast this evening.

October 29, 2:48 pm US CST - The full Moon of October is known as the Hunter’s Moon or Dying Grass Moon. This full Moon is often referred to as the Full Hunter’s Moon, Blood Moon, or Sanguine Moon. Many moons ago, Native Americans named this bright moon for obvious reasons. The leaves are falling from trees, the deer are fattened, and it’s time to begin storing up meat for the long winter ahead. Because the fields were traditionally reaped in late September or early October, hunters could easily see fox and other animals that come out to glean from the fallen grains. Probably because of the threat of winter looming close, the Hunter’s Moon is generally accorded with special honor, historically serving as an important feast day in both Western Europe and among many Native American tribes. ~ Farmer's Almanac

Daykeeper Journal Sign of the Month: Capricorn



Full Moon at 17 Aquarius occurs at 6:54 a.m. EDT. The Aquarius full moon is a party moon. This year the party will be serious, and all about the fixed grand cross issues of 2006.

This Full Moon is especially important because it not only highlights the Grand Square of 2006, but it also continues the huge changes set in motion with the Great Solar Eclipse of August 11, 1999. Fixed signs refer to power, and we see power centers changing—and also resisting change.

For starters, today the Sun-Saturn conjunction in Leo opposes Moon in Aquarius. Saturn is serious. Saturn is concerned with responsibility, governance, and accountability. It applies both to inner rulership and to outer rulership.

Aquarius wants freedom and independence, and is willing to fight for it. Here Moon conjoins Neptune and Ceres in Aquarius, who are about nurturing ideals.

We combine here freedom and responsibility, as well as individual purpose and group action. This Full Moon is a dress rehearsal for the planetary aspect of the month, Saturn opposing Neptune, which will occur on August 31 (view chart). That opposition will thrust us full force into the new autumn eclipse season.

This conflict-dialog is not all of the story. The Aquarius and the Leo energy both square Jupiter in Scorpio, which broadens and intensifies events. Jupiter's optimism lends recklessness to our behavior, in defiance of cautious Saturn. First we go, then we stop. First we push, then we pull. There can be mixed messages galore.

Jupiter in Scorpio is asking us to find our own beliefs about critical events and conflicts, even though we are tempted to take the word of an “authority.”

This Full Moon chart set for Washington, which also sets the tone for the nation, has the fourth fixed sign, Taurus, in a powerful spot. Taurus is the sign on the midheaven, where it speaks to goals, and EXACTLY squares both Sun and Moon. Exact aspects mean certain and obvious manifestation, so we will clearly see both Leo and Aquarius as they show in the destiny of the nation.

The Leo part, representing rulers and command, is in the 12th house, where things are hidden and many secrets reside. However, this dynamic square to the midheaven means that the public gets a look into this secret place, often called “the closet.”

Taurus is an earth sign. Its archetype is The Gardener. One scenario which fits this fixed sign cross is that of the ruling class, Leo, in the U.S. trying to hide, cover up, and deny global warming for the last 30 years, and its reality, Taurus, finally having to come to wide public consciousness.

Jupiter in Scorpio is a great investigator. It gets to the bottom of things. The Aquarius planets express both idealism, and looking to the future in an imaginative, inventive way.

The fixed signs are on the move. Great forces are set in motion now. On November 8-9, Mercury will transit over the Sun at the exact degree of the nadir in this chart. Look for strong action then which relates to today's events. This is three months from today.

Also in November, we have another phase of another of today's dynamic aspects. This is Venus and Mercury conjunct in Cancer, on the U.S. Mercury and opposing the U.S. Pluto This is a 1-year Mercury return for the U.S., setting the mental pattern for the nation for the next year. Well, in November the Venus-Mercury conjunction repeats again, now in Scorpio. With Venus, U.S. power will surely be valued by the U.S. people. How will it be used?

In many ways, this is a very dynamic chart, and this time is a milestone marker in human events.

The New Moon in Aquarius at which the seeds were planted for this Full Moon occurred on
February 8, 2005, the beginning of the Year of the Rooster. My special event was my beautiful Icelandic friend, Gudrun Bergmann, gracing my life with a visit. Also, all my clients around that time were born overseas. (For astrologers: this Moon conjoined my Sun in the seventh, which is desposited by Uranus in the ninth.)

For the U.S., there was the spurning of talks with North Korea and with Iran. Violence increased greatly in Iraq. There was much official anti-immigrant movement. Scientists said that the government altered or deleted information re global warming and its current consequences in their reports to the public. There was much action re gay marriage, and the Senate voted to restrict class action suits.

This all sounds like independence for the U.S. government, but not for others.

The Sabian Symbol for 17 Aquarius is

“A WATCHDOG STANDS GUARD, PROTECTING HIS MASTER AND HIS POSSESSIONS. The development of the capacity to protect oneself and to safeguard one's individual rights under complex social pressures.

Under present-day social conditions, the individual person needs protection against the ever-growing encroachments of society upon his theoretically recognized right to lead a private life free from public interference. At a deeper occult level of interpretation, it also reveals the need to protect oneself against “astral” intrusion and perhaps “black magic.” The more creative the person, the greater is his/her NEED FOR PROTECTION.”

-- Read the Daily Success Guide, updated each Monday, at Maya del Mar's Daykeeper Journal.

Looking Ahead: August

Three extremely powerful astrological events will occur at the end of August and create headlines worldwide. Saturn will oppose Neptune – this is a rare, once-in-40-year event that will rattle the markets and could disrupt oil supplies for one thing. Mars will square dangerous Pluto at the same time that lucky Jupiter will also trine Uranus. All three events will become exact between August 29th and 31st. And as you might suspect, the entire month is thus loaded with opportunity from the positive trine, and yet, it will be a time when important people, institutions and situations dissolve and disappear – this is a rare set of circumstances to have such different energies converge in such a short period of time.   -- Excerpted from Lance Ferguson's Skywatch

The Moon and the Sun have been charged with certain attributes ever since the dawn of time. The Moon was the first universal measurer of time. The Moon symbolizes time, fate, spinning, wheels, weaving, cauldrons, and of course the Great Mother or feminine influence.

The cycles of the heavens are symbolized in the Medicine Wheel of the American Indian Tribes; the Egyptian Wheel of the Law; and the Tibetan Prayer Wheel, all of which the Moon is an integral part. In Astrology, the Moon is sometimes said to symbolize the horoscope itself. -- Cheryl Robertson's Whole Moon Page

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