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Victims of violent crime suffer physical and emotional trauma which can take years -- or the rest of their lives -- to recover from.

National Institute of Justice: Interview on Non-Residential Domestic Violence Services - NIJ Multimedia Update:

We have interviewed Mary Louise Kelley, Anne Menard, and Eleanor Lyon to discuss a study focused on nonresidential domestic violence services and a recording of that interview now is available. In the interview, Mary Louise Kelley, Anne Menard, and Eleanor Lyon discuss:

  • The wide and diverse array of survivor requested services
  • Concerns of male survivors
  • Ways in which support organizations can improve their services

Mary Louise Kelley, is the Director of the Family Violence Prevention Services program at the Department of Health and Human Services. Anne Menard is the Director of the National Resource Center on Domestic Violence. Eleanor Lyon is the study's Principal Investigator.

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This page offers articles and links to supportive services and methods of overcoming fear, anxiety, survivor's guilt, Stockholm Syndrome, and Post-Traumatic-Stress-Syndrome, chronic pain, medical assistance; as well as survivors' stories.

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