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Being #1 is Not Always a Good Thing
As of 2008, the number of citizens in United States prisons or jails reached a ratio of 1 to 100. Even more disturbing is the ethnic disparity between white and black or hispanics behind bars: the Bureau of US Justice Statistics showed that New York state holds approximately 9.4 blacks and 4.5 Hispanics to each white prisoner; California rates were 6.5 black and 1.7 Hispanic to 1 white; Texas rated at 4.7 and 1.2 to 1. Surprisingly, Vermont, which prides itself as being progressive and liberal, had at least twice the disparity, holding 12.5 blacks to every white prisoner; Hispanic data was not available.

US Incarceration Rate by State per 1000
Excluding Jail Inmates, as of 2008

The US Topped World Incarceration Rates in 2007
Russia is 5th, China is 121st out of 218 Countries

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New Issue of TechBeat Released - NIJ Publication Update

The NIJ-funded National Law Enforcement and Corrections Technology Center has released a new issue of TechBeat. Articles include:


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