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If you study the religious and secular holidays of all faiths and countries, you will find strong relationships between them and the changing seasons.  Sometimes it is because they have evolved over time from one celebration into another, changed by changing cultural or geographical priorities or other more drastic events such as political conquest or the state's domination of the peoples' religious rights.
In the latter cases, there may be no trace of the earlier holiday traditions, symbolism, or rituals.  Or there may be a kind of fusion where virtually the same celebration takes place but the symbolism is changed to reflect the values of the governing body.

Studies have shown that faith -- any religious faith -- helps people to heal and maintain physical and emotional health in the face of the worst adversities.  In order to live together in this shrinking world of ours, it is vital that we find what we have in common and emphasize those things, and to overcome our fear of differences.

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